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Mar 24, 2021

Innovating From Life: Biomimicry Modules

New Biomimicry Canvas Course Modules Now Available to ASU Faculty!

Are you looking for an easy way to incorporate the groundbreaking practice of biomimicry into your course? Check out NatureMaker’s new “Innovating from Life” series.  “Innovating from Life” is a suite of self-guided, plug-and-play modules on the basics of biomimicry. Each module focuses on an organism that exemplifies a particular function, such as: How does nature clean surfaces? How does nature use low-energy processes? Or how does nature recycle waste?

The modules provide:
  • A natural history background on the strategies that organisms use to accomplish these functions
  • A brief introduction to the practice of biomimicry
  • Short profiles of real-world applications in design, architecture, business, engineering or sustainability
  • A sample assignment that will help your students practice creating their own bio-inspired solutions
Currently available modules include:
  • Turning Trash into Treasures: Lessons about Recycling from the Carrier Shell Snail
  • Waste Not, Want Not: How Camels and Kangaroo Rats Conserve Water in the Desert
  • Good Housekeeping: How Nature Keeps Things Clean
  • Powered by Nature: Seeds That Tap Humidity as an Energy Source
  We will continue to add new modules so check back with us for future installments in the series. To learn more about the “Innovating from Life” series and for instructions on how to download the modules into your Canvas course, visit the NatureMaker website at and click on the Faculty Resources tab.