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BioDesign Competition

August 31, 2016–September 06, 2016

BioDesign Competition!

Prize: $1000

Deadline: September 6th 11:59pm PST

Calling all future-forward architects and designers!

How can we create buildings that heal themselves, ourselves, and the natural environment? Advances in synthetic biology, bio-printing, and material engineering have opened up a whole new field of Biodesign – and we’re giving away $1000 to the best project that integrates the natural world into the built environment. The winner of our Biodesign Competition will also be showcased to the X-Prize foundation as well as millions of Inhabitat readers around the world – so enter today!

Visions for the following categories will be considered:

A. Spaces for living
– Single family home in the suburbs
– Multi-family apartment in the city
– Informal settlement or slums in the context of an emerging economy
– In situ revitalization of abandoned buildings in the context of cities with declining population

B. Spaces for learning or healing

Students can learn more about the competition