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SolidThinking Converge Confrence

August 31, 2016, 12:00 AM–September 10, 2016, 12:00 AM

CONVERGE is a conference for product and experience creators. For those who have been told something can’t be done, or are in charge of making the impossible POSSIBLE, for the forward-thinkers who pride themselves on staying on the bleeding edge of new technology, innovations, and their convergence with design.


Join a community of your creative peers and innovators to uncover strategies behind developing top products. You’ll hear from leaders across industries, discover new technologies, and leave with new insights toward product and experience design and development. As an event participant your input will be used to fuel a panel discussion around the excitement of design and technology converging for product development.


Get amped up with invigorating keynote speakers, technology demonstrations, and direct interaction with people who have boldly shown how things can be done.

Guest speakers will include Co-founder of Biomimicry 3.8, Janine Benyus, and Director of Innovation Space and Co-Director of The Biomimicry Center at Arizona State University, Prasad Boradkar.

Converge 2016 will be at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA on September 8 – 9, 2016.

The Biomimicry Center will have a booth at the conference. For more information about this contact Leon Wang (

Free Early Bird Registration is happening now!

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