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The Biomimicry Center

College of Design South, CDS 126

PO Box 873505
Tempe, AZ 85287-3505
(480) 727-0478

For education and program-related communication, please email 


Prasad Boradkar
Co-Director of the Biomimicry Center
Professor and Director of InnovationSpace, The Design School

Dayna Baumeister
Co-Director of the Biomimicry Center
Professor of Practice, School of Life Sciences

Adelheid Fischer
Assistant Director of the Biomimicry Center
Co-Director, InnovationSpace, The Design School

Ted Pavlic
Associate Director of Research for the Biomimicry Center
Research Scientist, School of Life Sciences

Jürgen Gadau
Associate Director of Educational Programs for the Biomimicry Center
Professor, School of Life Sciences

Mary C. Kivioja
Business Operations Specialist for the Biomimicry Center

Lily Urmann

Program Coordinator for the Biomimicry Center

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